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1st Generation

Albert Chauvin

Albert Chauvin founded the Chauvin family business in 1875, starting as a general store and boat catering to buyers along the water, which later became known for the processing and canning of fresh seafood, followed by the Chauvin Brothers General Merchandise store.

3rd Generation

The store transitions into a hardware, furniture, and building materials provider.

3rd generation Chauvin Brothers

2nd Generation

Original Chauvin Brothers, sons of Albert Eloie Chauvin

The five original Chauvin Brothers, sons of Albert Eloie Chauvin.

Standing from left: Ruffin, James, George, Leonce and Guy (who operated a separate business in Cocodrie). Seated are daughters: Mrs. Alethia Chauvin Jordy, Mrs. Albert Eloie Chauvin (nee Aloisia Jones), Mrs. Marguerite Pierron, Mr. Albert Eloie Chauvin (Founder) and Mrs. Winona Chauvin Robichaux.

4th Generation

Continuing from the 3rd generation of provider services, with continued growth and success.

4th generation Chauvin Brothers

5th Generation

Full service building materials and supply services are enhanced including addition of home décor sales.

Chris Tucker & Kimi Walker



  • Estimating & Take-offs – Material list & project costs figured from blueprints

  • Project Management – Work directly with contractor/point person on schedule of project

  • Jobsite Visits – Planning & Check-ins throughout the project

  • Material Packages – Planned, organized, & delivered

  • Account Management – Orders, Invoices, Statements, & Payments managed for the project

  • Installation Coordinating – Work with Material Installers to insure best application

  • Product Warranty Guidance – Knowledgeable on material warranties through vendors

Customer Resources

  • Project Estimating Checklist

  • Material Take-Off Checklist

  • Credit Applications (Personal & Commercial)

  • Project Sketch Sheet

Proudly, we are the oldest recorded retail business in Terrebonne Parish.  Established in 1875, a young French pioneer named Albert Eloie Chauvin, began a small business on Bayou Petit Caillou in coastal Louisiana. He had a general store and a boat that he would load with produce, furs and whatever else there was to sell, travel to New Orleans’ French Market and sell his goods. As the town developed, it was appropriately named Chauvin – after our founder, Albert.


Today, five generations later, Chauvin Brothers, Inc. has spanned over 140 years and continues to grow. The overwhelming development of Terrebonne Parish and surrounding areas have enticed many larger retail outlets to move in.

But what makes Chauvin Brothers unique to these large Big Box stores is the personal relationship with our customers. Almost all of our customers are known by name. More importantly, our service to these customers is second to none. Because of the foundation and deep roots this business has in this area, we are committed to continue this tradition for many years to come. We are very proud of our heritage and enjoy sharing some of our past with you.

The Chauvin family became known for the processing and canning of fresh seafood from this small fishing community. But as time passed, our business started selling specialty items to the fishermen and opened a general purpose store offering groceries, dry goods, hardware, even furniture and appliances, and eventually expanded to supplying quality products for the home such as building materials, floor covering, millwork, doors and windows, plus many other furnishings and decors.

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